(note : Press F To Toggle FulScreen Before Playing and just be careful of the block's face orientation!)

Let's see How Bad Your Song Was :D

Block Rhythm is a Tetris-themed song making game. It was made for the Music Game Jam 2018.  

The goal of this game is to keep the song perfect by placing the tetris blocks accurately as it's ghost block by moving and rotating it. Be carefull of the block's face orientation!

Controls : 

-Use Left and Right Arrows or A and D to move the blocks.

-Use Up or W to rotate the blocks clockwise.

-Use Space to Skip and Lock Blocks.

Makers : Bonyok77 (I make eveything on my own)

Special Thanks to Violentia RC (IG = @violentia_vio) and ATU as my supporters :)


BlockRhythm_Windows.zip 18 MB


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